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[lilyrank] melancholic, catchy beats with an experimental twist. Favorite track: Off.
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A collection of songs I wanted to share, because we all hurt sometimes.


released February 13, 2016

Thanks to my dear friend wallsofwhitenoise a thousand times for mastering these songs and for the lovely album art.



all rights reserved


Acediac Austin, Texas

Austin, TX

Music for you and me.

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Track Name: Off
There was a time
when all was young and beautiful,
and troubles were a passing thought,
evicted from my simple mind.

With no repose,
your telling eyes afflict my soul,
(the victim of your beauty), wrought.
Regret drips from your tongue, in kind.
Track Name: Sicker
Twist my head,
let the grey come in.
Toss the lights,
swell and brood again.

I'm still softly here beneath it all.
Box away the care beneath it all.

and I both know this is wrong
but there's not much left.
and the sky is growing dark:
my tones of which I'm bereft.

Sip my sores,
the woes packed in,
Fraught and filtered
down within,

Wither me you fire,
ask me why I burn.
Sleepless beds will torment
from what bright coals we've lorn.
Track Name: Like Glass
Where are we?
Now floating in your confines, we're swept away.
Does it show?
This indecisiveness leads us astray

Trapped in this shell I cannot see you at all.
At all.

Whisper soft, in the brooding twilight
where my lover lies.
Wrapped in you words invade,
and I deprecate my boyish eyes.

Trapped in this shell I cannot see you at all;
I am like glass, I shatter on the floor.